Who are we?

More than a superhero, we are a Voluntástico!

At Fundación Finsocial, we know that there are people in our country who are willing to serve voluntarily, contributing their knowledge, time, and dedication to the well-being of vulnerable communities.



Our Voluntástico program seeks to transform the lives of less privileged individuals through cooperation and solidarity. With this action plan, which relies primarily on a network of volunteers, we demonstrate that every action is a step towards consolidating a more equitable and supportive world for everyone.

Our commitment

What do we do?

We promote cooperation and solidarity among early childhood, youth, women, entrepreneurs, public sector teachers, retirees, victims of armed conflict, people deprived of liberty, displaced persons, ethnic minorities, and migrants to collectively address the needs and objectives of society. Our efforts are directed towards sustainable development and care for our planet’s and its inhabitants’ well-being.

How do we do it?

We have a network of people who freely and voluntarily participate in our activities, offering their knowledge, resources, and experience to contribute to our programs.

Why become a Voluntástico?

Volunteering in Voluntástico positively impacts individuals who engage in this activity by improving self-esteem and sensitivity towards disadvantaged populations. Volunteers experience significant personal growth and contribute to the country’s development by helping those in need.

Discover the programs you can participate in

Through our programs, volunteers have experiences that positively contribute to their lives, promote social development, and enhance their knowledge of environmental care.



Here are the programs you can participate in

Environmental and Animal Programs

We seek friendly and sustainable environmental solutions that benefit society, such as conserving natural spaces, habitat protection, species, and ecosystem preservation.

Educational, Art, and Culture Programs

To reduce the educational gap and improve people’s quality of life, we promote projects that develop skills and strengthen capacities through education, art, and culture.

Programs for Health and Well-being

We encourage a healthy lifestyle at all ages, including healthy eating, physical activity, and emotional well-being, to grow a prosperous society that enjoys good health.

Program for a Society with Rights and Equality

We promote projects to defend rights and promote equality regardless of race, socioeconomic level, gender, or religion.

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