Ahorra y Siempre

Habits that flourish for a lifetime.

Through this program, we encourage the habits of saving, entrepreneurship, and the care and preservation of the environment. We achieve this through a pedagogical process that positively impacts the children in our department, allowing their dreams to flourish.



boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 5





Achievements and more

93%of parents and caregivers could identify the program’s objectives.
85%of children who participated in the program recognized the pedagogical elements of the project, such as learning the song and identifying the program’s characters. They were able to translate the project’s motto into daily actions.
80%pedagogical transfer capacity of the methodology by educational agents.
91%attendance rate for virtual and in-person workshops with educational agents.
76%attendance rate for virtual and in-person workshops with parents and caregivers.

(Coins to the Neighborhood) events were ludic closures and evaluations held in six Child Development Centers.

Awareness sessions were carried out, both virtual and in-person, with participating parents.

We have conducted a total of 144 sessions with educational agents, both virtual and in-person.

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