A school for social and financial education and entrepreneurship

Funfinsocial Academia was created to promote entrepreneurial thinking and financial education. Developed in partnership with Finsocial, this program provides training in personal development, personal finance, business administration, and entrepreneurship, enriching their economic knowledge and helping them achieve better financial lives.

The program reaches Finsocial’s Clients, providing them with tools for improving their finances. Additionally, we offer specialized content for retirees, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

The program includes training modules on


Credits granted in 2021 to support entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs.

In 2021, the FinsoAlivio Route impacted over 2,000 micro-entrepreneurs in Atlántico, Cesar, and Córdoba.

Total investment


We support the Business Development Route of the Center for Opportunities under the District Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla.


We organize informative sessions on financial education and personal finance management in venues arranged by the Government of Atlántico and the District Mayor’s Office, including entrepreneurship fairs, panel discussions, and forums.


We actively participate in fairs and entrepreneurship events designed for independent workers and micro-entrepreneurs.

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