Adriana: Every second of life si a Miracle

We don’t get to choose what happens to us, however, we can choose how we react to it. This is especially true when we believe that illness or pain is distant from reality – Buddhists call it ‘the illusion of security.’


From the Finsocial Foundation, we have learned about the story of Adriana Altamar, who has been battling with Budd-Chiari syndrome for over 7 years. She was diagnosed with this syndrome at 31 weeks of her second pregnancy. Generally, this syndrome occurs when clots block the blood flow out of the liver, disrupting its normal function. From that moment, Adriana’s life changed radically. She had to suspend her pregnancy to receive treatment, undergo painful procedures, relocate to different cities twice for surgeries, and after her first intervention, her quality of life improved. However, within a year, it declined. Currently, she is awaiting a liver transplant in the city of Medellín. “I’ve faced incredibly painful tests both physically and emotionally, and I’ve overcome them thanks to God, my husband, my children, family, and coworkers.”


When we learned about Adriana’s life story, we recognized her bravery, resilience, her love for life, and we received these beautiful words from her: “I am infinitely grateful to the Finsocial Foundation for the support they have provided me throughout this process. They have always been there, ready to help in any way. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you so much! But it’s us who are grateful to you for allowing us to accompany you in your battle, and to witness your greatness as it sets an example for all.”